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Tips for Giving a Small Bathroom a Larger Feel

If your home has a smaller sized bathroom, you already understand some of the challenges it presents. To help you maximize your space, here are a few tips and ideas to inspire you for your bathroom remodeling project.

Keep Things Simple - Simplicity plays a vital role in maintaining a clean and contemporary bathroom, regardless of the room's square footage. Generally, you want to use a minimal amount of patterns, avoid over-accessorizing, and maintain clean lines as much as possible.

Wall Treatments - Popular wall coverings and treatments include simple paint, mirrors, or wallpapering. By utilizing a balanced approach in your color choices and mirror options, you can avoid creating a space that feels cramped or busy. Choosing lighter colors helps to create a roomier and fresh feel. Using contrasting but complementary accent colors can add sophistication and flair to your bathroom without becoming overwhelming.

When working with a bathroom remodeler or an interior designer, they can offer suggestions for which type of wall treatment will help your small bathroom look and feel larger.

Cabinets And Vanities - In smaller bathrooms, the amount of space that vanities and cabinets require can engulf smaller bathrooms. If possible, use wall-mounted or legged cabinets to create unbroken floor space. Take care not to install hung wall features or sizeable cabinets at or above eye-level. Types of furniture to avoid include cabinets that mount behind the toilet and large freestanding cabinets.

Double vanities offer the added convenience of accommodating more than one person at a time. For busy couples and families, this is a great feature to have available. Ideally, this type of vanity provides under counter and drawer storage space to help keep your bathroom better organized.

Shower-Bathtub Conversions - If you're remodeling a second or non-primary bathroom with an old bathtub located in an alcove, this is an ideal space to convert into a walk-in shower. Please note that if your home only has one bathroom, you should consider upgrading your existing tub, as homes without a bathtub are tougher to sell.

Getting Started On Your Bathroom Remodel

When you're ready to kick off your bathroom remodeling project, it's helpful to have a rough budget in mind for the work.

According to, the recent national average cost of a small bathroom remodeling project was $6.5K. However, the expense could range from $1K to over $15K.

No matter what you've set your budget at, it's always a resourceful idea to keep a cash reserve on hand. This way, you can more efficiently handle any unexpected expenses that might arise during the project.

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