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About New Bath Technologies

Image by Alexander Fife

After working for years at a national bath remodeling franchise...

We realized they had lost sight of focus and they needed to place more of an emphasis on both service and price. So we teamed up with some of the best craftsmen in the industry and with my remodeling experience and fresh approach to focus on the customer we formed New Bath Technologies. Our Fort Worth remodeling company is family-owned and operated and very proud to be a Texas native business. We plan to continue delivering our superior services for many more generations to come.


About our Owner


Bryan Rhodes, the owner of New Bath Tech, embarked on his home improvement journey alongside his wife Alison, driven by the practical needs of their early married life. Settling in North Texas to run a youth ministry, they found themselves in a housing market beyond their financial reach. The solution? A fixer-upper on one acre that demanded a complete overhaul. With no budget for professional contractors, Bryan leveraged his experience from previous construction jobs. Encouraged by friends and local builders, Bryan and Alison transformed their first home into a labor of love, laying the foundation for future projects.


Cultivating Expertise and Leadership

This initial foray into remodeling ignited a passion that saw Bryan helping friends and family with their bathroom and kitchen makeovers over the years. His knack for renovation was paired with a 22-year tenure as Vice President at an Industrial Painting and Powder Coating manufacturing facility, where he refined his skills in production and efficiency. This unique blend of hands-on remodeling experience and industrial management gave Bryan a profound understanding of blending efficiency with creativity. It set the stage for his leadership at New Bath Tech, where old things are made new with precision, efficiency, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.


Our Dallas Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling Team

At New Bath Tech, our team brings a diverse array of talents and experiences, each enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional bathroom remodeling services:

  • Austin Savage, our Operations Manager, is pivotal in overseeing the seamless execution of projects. His role encompasses everything from initial client consultations to the final touches of a project, ensuring consistency and quality throughout.

  • Dandy Cronce, Lead Craftsman, is a veteran in bathroom remodeling with over 15 years of field experience. His deep understanding of the craft ensures complex challenges are met with innovative and effective solutions.

  • Chris Brandon, Lead Craftsman, applies a rich heritage of building and remodeling knowledge, which he has learned from years of working alongside his father. His expertise is crucial in crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

  • DJ Cronce, Craftsman Assistant, supports the team by preparing job sites, organizing materials, and learning the trade. He is essential in maintaining project efficiency and adherence to our high standards.


This team upholds and advances our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovative bathroom solutions.


Core Values: The Heart of New Bath Tech

New Bath’s core values are built on Listening, Service, and Adaptability. We strive to serve each customer with dedication, adapting to their unique needs and desires to ensure that every project reflects its significance. We are committed to listening to our customers' stories, which allows us to meet and exceed their expectations, creating spaces that celebrate their life's milestones and everyday moments. Each bathroom we design and remodel is a testament to these values, ensuring a tailored experience that honors the customer's vision and personal journey.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At New Bath Tech, our dedication to transforming the industry perception of contractors is rooted in transparency, accountability, and unmatched craftsmanship. From the first interaction to the final walkthrough, we aim to deliver the bathroom you envisioned efficiently and with the utmost respect for your space and time.

Quality of Service and Customer Care

We ensure the highest quality of workmanship by meticulously planning every detail with the client before beginning any project. Each material is cross-referenced with the agreed-upon bill of materials, which is always accessible online. Our organized approach includes a labeled racking system that ensures every necessary piece is prepared and tagged. Throughout the project, our lead craftsmen, supported by frequent quality checks by our management, uphold stringent quality standards. The project concludes with a comprehensive walkthrough, addressing any concerns immediately ensuring that every client is delighted with their new space.


Looking Ahead


Our vision for New Bath Tech is clear: continuously improving and leading by example, redefining the customer’s contractor experience, one project at a time. We see every new bathroom as an opportunity to deliver unmatched quality and to ensure every client's vision is realized.


We invite you to experience the New Bath Tech difference, where your vision is transformed into a reality.

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