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Bathroom Remodeling For Seniors: The Essentials

Seniors pride themselves on being self-sufficient in their homes, but hazards arise as age progresses. The bathroom has the potential for falls and injuries when you factor in the inherent dangers. Be kind to your loved ones by considering bathroom remodeling for seniors. Seniors can thrive well into their 70s, 80s, and beyond as a result of your efforts.

1. Grab Bars

One of the most important updates that anyone can add to the bathroom is, grab bars. These smooth handles can be installed near the shower or tub entrance and beside the toilet. Many families add one or two grab bars within the shower itself.

These bars connect directly to the wall's studs or wood beams. If anyone needs to stabilize their weight or catch their balance, the bars can stop a potential injury.

2. Tall Toilets

Bathroom remodeling for seniors often includes tall-toilet installations. These specialized toilets remain stationary at a more comfortable height for seniors. It's always possible to place a raised seat on a traditional toilet, but the effect isn't the same. These seats slide around too much. The comfort level doesn't compare to a toilet designed for senior use.

3. Walk-In Tubs

Climbing into a traditional tub has its hazards for seniors. Shifting their weight, lifting a leg and balancing on a wet surface creates slips and falls for thousands of people every year. Installing a walk-in tub takes all of these safety issues out of the home. A door invites seniors to walk and sit inside the tub area. There are no balancing issues to deal with now.

4. Lever Faucets

A remodeling idea that's often overlooked is the faucet fixtures. Many seniors have arthritis that limits a person's ability. A knob faucet, for example, can be challenging to turn regularly.

Install lever faucets for the sink and shower area. With a simple motion, seniors can activate and shut off the water. A feeling of self-sufficiency can impact everyone who uses the bathroom. It's the smallest details that help a person thrive through the elder years.

5. Flooring Upgrade

Any bathroom floor can get incredibly slippery. Look for specialized flooring that's deemed "slip-resistant." Most bathrooms are relatively small, so swapping out the flooring isn't too much of an investment.

Don't forget to add in slip-resistant rugs for comfort purposes. Seniors may approve of the unique options available to them, but they still want a bathroom that's familiar and inviting.

Contact New Bath Technologies in Dallas, Texas, today. From remodeling options to feature upgrades, your choices are endless with our inventory. Treat a senior to a bathroom that's modern and safe at the same time. The change improves the property value in the end.

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