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The Average Cost to Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms range from tiny spaces to rooms designed to accommodate many people at once. Many homeowners today are interested in changing their existing bathrooms. The bathroom may have unappealing aspects such as old fixtures, bland colors and a less than ideal layout. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to update your bath. Your bathroom can become a lovely, modern, pleasing space that invites luxury and pleases all of the senses. When deciding to remodel a bathroom, it's useful to set a budget before you begin. Getting an estimate of the kind of costs you can expect during the process is ideal. The average price to remodel your bathroom will depend on several factors. These include the size of the bathroom, the style you have in mind and any fundamental alternations that may be necessary to additional nearby spaces.

Basic Costs In general, the average cost to remodel a bathroom is about nine thousand dollars. This is for a standard bathroom. If you are planning a master bathroom remodeling project, you can expect to pay about another three to five thousand dollars more. Keep in mind that bathroom remodeling projects offer some of the highest rates of return on your investment. Home buyers love updated bathrooms. Your general costs for a bathroom project will typically include flooring, fixtures, new lighting, countertops, storage space and items like a new toilet and a shower. Opening up space by expanding the new bathroom space may add additional costs such as the need to break through a wall or put in a new doorway.

Types of Bathroom Renovations There are several types of bathroom renovations. Turning a half bathroom into a full bathroom is one of the most common. Another is adding a master bathroom to the master bedroom. Adding a bath to your home is another type of bathroom remodeling project. Each of these bathroom projects has different costs. For most homes, it's usually cheaper to remodel an existing bathroom than it is to put in an entirely new bath. However, if the house is older, it may be more sensible just to put in an entirely new bathroom as this allows other changes to be made such as installing more modern plumbing.

Luxury Items Many homeowners want to create something unique in their home. Adding in luxury features can bring up the overall price tag. Putting in a skylight adds lots of light, but it means changing the roof structure. The same is true of specific materials. Marble is cool to the touch and lovely to look at, however, marble surfaces cost more than other types of materials. At the same time, a few luxurious touches can give the bathroom the kind of delightful feel that makes any space sing. It's a good idea to know what you want before you begin. Consulting with a company such as ours can be helpful. We can help you decide on a necessary budget so you can get the bathroom you've always wanted.

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