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What You Don't Get

Let's start with what we don't provide: we won't send subcontractors to your home at any time. We also aren't a large corporation or a franchise, so we won't provide you with the cookie-cutter products and services typical of those types of businesses. You won't get customer service that is so impersonal that it barely exists, and you won't get a rush job that leaves you feeling as if your opinions and preferences are going into a vacuum.

What You Do Get

New Bath Technologies in Southlake will provide you with the service that only an old-school, local company can -- after all, our reputation is only as good as the opinion of our last customer. The people who work in your home will be full-time employees and members of the Southlake community who take pride in their work and in the good name that the company has. You'll also get a company that listens to your personal vision of what you want your bathroom to be and work with you to create that. Call us today and let us get started on making your dream bathroom into a reality.


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