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Locally Owned and Operated Bathroom Remodeling Company
Serving Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

Transform your master or guest bath. We do the enjoy the results!


Quality Service

Safety First

Bathroom Remodeling Fort Worth

Give your bathroom a second chance with New Bath Technologies! Our team has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for over 15 years.

Your dream bathroom is closer and (more affordable) than ever!  

At New Bath Technologies, a family-owned business, we take pride in constructing the bathroom remodel dreams are made of. Our artisans specialize in various flooring options, from ceramic tile to sleek laminate and bathroom cabinets that marry functionality with style. Our commitment to a personal touch ensures a seamless remodeling process, with our familiar faces accompanying you every step of the way, making us one of the most trusted bathroom remodeling companies in Fort Worth, TX.

We Use

The different brands we use are:

  • Delta

  • Onyx

  • Zoe

  • American Acrylic

  • MSI Quartz

Accessible Bath

Enjoy Relaxing Baths Safely

We customize your space to meet your exact needs and design styles.

Bathroom remodeling in Fort Worth is an art our company has mastered over the years. Our specialized bathroom remodeling services are tailored to create your dream bathroom, whether a lavish master bathroom or a functional space for daily use. From walk-in showers adorned with natural stones to luxurious walk-in tubs, we have an array of options to turn your vision into reality. Our bathroom remodels often include replacing outdated bathroom sinks with new, modern designs, ensuring that every inch of your bathroom exudes quality.

Being one of the leading bathroom remodeling companies in Fort Worth, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service and going the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Whether you're looking for new shower installations, tub replacements, or revamping the vanity area with a new sink, our team in Fort Worth works closely with you through the entire process, making it as stress-free as possible. With our top-notch materials and skilled bathroom remodelers, the end result is always a spectacular job. We offer a free estimate for those looking to kickstart their home improvement journey. Transforming bathrooms into beautiful and functional spaces is not just a job for us but a passion. We're here to bring the top-notch bathroom remodel you've always desired in Fort Worth, TX.

Maximize Your Bathroom Space

There's no reason to let a poorly designed or outdated bathroom make life harder or diminish your quality of life. Our team is here to help complete a wide range of bathroom renovation projects to maximize and modernize master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and half-baths. We will renovate your bathroom from start to finish.

Quality Craftsmanship.

Years of experience!

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New Bathroom Remodeling Technologies

405 Fort Worth Drive,

Suite 115,

Denton, Texas  76201

(940) 206-6493

Our Services

With spa style options and endless designs, we can bring you a safe and enjoyable bath or shower for your home. Explore options for a more accessible bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling

We've got everything from modern clean and contemporary to country home style bathrooms. Contact us for quick and efficient bathroom remodeling services.

With a wide range of standard and custom showers to choose from, we can replace your existing bathtub into the ideal shower. Contact us for replacement showers.

Modern Design Bathroom

Our choices for handicapped baths or showers are endless, and with today's technology you get the style you want and care you deserve. Call our Fort Worth bathroom remodeling team today.

Our tubs are great for seniors, individuals with underlying conditions, disabled veterans, and handicapped persons. Get your walk in tub today.

Our tubs are easy to install and made to last so you can enjoy the bubbles sooner and longer. Contact us for replacement tubs.

New Bathroom Remodeling Technologies

1201 Evans Ave #226

Fort Worth, TX 76104

(214) 497-7237

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