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Senior Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

As more Americans are reaching retirement age and opting to stay in their family homes, adapting their homes to be senior-friendly makes a lot of sense. Luckily, there have been many advancements in bathroom renovations that make a family home a safer place for older occupants. Data provided by the National Council for Aging Care reports that 25% of Americans age 65 or older fall each year.

For those who desire to stay at their home, here are a few senior bathroom remodeling tips and ideas to inspire you.

Non-Slip Bath Mats - Wet floors can always pose a slip and fall threat to people of all ages. By adding non-slip bath mats and area rugs to your bathroom, you are reducing the chances that someone will slip and fall. Non-slip bath mats help to protect people of all ages and physical capabilities.

Grab Rails And Bars - Installing grab bars and rails is an affordable and effective way to make the home more senior-friendly. They help people when they need to stand up or sit down, as well as provide stability in the event of a loss of balance. These bars can get installed in the shower and around the toilet for safety precautions.

Replace Twist Faucets With Lever Faucets - Operating twist faucets can be challenging for older adults. Consider replacing twist faucets with a lever or foot-operated faucets. This relatively simple upgrade can make everyday life more accessible and enjoyable.

Rethink Your Shower Space - Showering is an essential part of living a healthy life. According to statistics by Medical Alert Advice, one-third of older Americans experience trouble getting in and out of the bathtub. To make this task safer and more convenient, consider adding a shower chair and a handheld shower attachment. By doing so, you make this task more sheltered and more accessible for older adults.

If your budget allows, consider the benefits of having a walk-in bathtub or curbless shower installed. Both options are ideal for seniors with difficulties lifting their legs or other issues with mobility. With a much lower clearance and built-in seating, they alleviate some of the problems associated with bathing.

Senior Bathroom Remodeling In Fort Worth, Texas

If you need bathroom remodeling in Fort Worth to better suit the needs of an aging adult, call New Bath Technologies first. With years of experience serving the Dallas area, our company provides the services and support needed to make your home a safer and more enjoyable place to live for all the years to come.

We offer free estimates on all work. Talk to us today to discuss your bathroom renovation requirements. We are always happy to help.

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