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The Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Are you currently struggling to get in or out of your bathtub? Do you worry that one day you won't be able to take baths independently at all? Then now is the time to consider adding a Walk-in Tub.

What are the benefits of a walk-in tub?

Convenient Entry and Exit

Walk-in tubs are designed with an easily opened side door that seals once closed. These tubs also contain a low step threshold, so you don't have to raise your foot and risk throwing yourself off balance. Falling is a concern for everyone, but particularly for seniors and others who are mobility challenged.

Safety Features

Walk-in tubs are equipped with Safety Bars to grab onto as you glide yourself into the bathtub and also to sit and stand. Another added safety feature is a textured, non-slip floor, reducing the slipperiness of wet floors and providing traction for your feet.

Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Walk-in tubs not only provide for safety and convenience but can also help improve your overall health. A Mayo Clinic study reports that Hydrotherapy, or more simply water immersion therapy, has positive effects on the body, from the cardiovascular system to the musculoskeletal system.

The health benefits of Hydrotherapy are many, including the following:

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces inflammation, which relieves arthritis, tendinitis, and others

  • Soothes and loosens stiff joints

  • Relieves sore and achy muscles

  • Provides relief for migraines and other headaches

  • Promotes relaxation which can lead to a better night's sleep

Self-Cleaning Convenience

Many walk-in tubs are self-cleaning and are designed to prevent bacterial growth and mold formation. This also serves as a safety feature as there is less risk of falling while attempting to clean the tub yourself.

Easy Customization and Installation

With the majority of walk-in tubs, full bathroom remodeling is not required. Some may even fit where your current traditional bathtub is now.

As you can see, walk-in tubs not only provide safety and convenience but also offer health benefits as well. Ready to take the next step? Being proactive in maintaining the health and independence of yourself or someone you love can start with a simple call to our office. Let the bathroom remodeling experts at New Bath Technologies show you what is possible. Our family-owned and operated company located in Dallas is ready to help you customize your bathroom today.

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