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These Bathroom Remodeling Tips Will Help Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A bathroom remodeling project is a wise investment in your home. When evaluating the different upgrades you can make, don't overlook how an accessible bathroom can add value to your home.

While you might think that an accessible bathroom remodeling project is solely for those who use a wheelchair, have disabilities, or limited mobility, this is not the case.

Prepare For The Future

Homeowners who plan on remaining in their current homes as they age are right to look ahead to what their needs might be fifteen or twenty years down the road. According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) information, those aged 65 and up have the most slip and fall bathroom accidents and are a leading cause of death in this age group.

Standard bathroom features such as a low toilet, dim lighting, high shelves, a wet floor, or shower tiles can make life challenging and dangerous for the elderly.

Aging In Place Designs Increase Safety

If you're unsure what accessibility upgrades and bathroom renovations you want to make, here are a few remodeling projects worth considering.

Lighting - A well-lit bathroom is a safer bathroom for all who use it. Possible upgrades to your existing lighting include installing ADA compliant switches, changing the placement, or lighting fixtures to accommodate your needs in the present or future.

Handrail Installation - Adding hand bars in bathtubs, showers, and near toilets provide stability when someone needs help getting up or has to catch their balance.

Walk-In Tub - High clearances on standard bathtubs can make them a serious threat to the elderly and others with mobility concerns. Installing a walk-in tub empowers homeowners to enjoy a nice relaxing soak without the worries of slipping or falling when entering and exiting the tub.

Non-Slip Flooring - Replacing old, outdated, or damaged flooring materials with modern, new non-slip flooring not only uplifts the appearance of your bathroom, but it can also help to prevent slips and falls from happening in the bathroom. As you can imagine, this helps provide peace of mind every time someone uses the bathroom.

Accessible Shelving And Storage - Undoubtedly, your bathroom serves as a storage area for your care items, linens, towels, and other items. Convenient shelving and storage make it easier for household members of all ages and physical capabilities to reach the things they need.

Discuss Your Bathroom Remodeling Project With Professionals

With our bathroom remodeling in Fort worth we can incorporate aging in place design elements make your home more functional while future-proofing it for your eventual needs.

If you could use help with a design that suits your unique requirements in your Fort Worth, Texas, area home, contact the professionals at New Bath Technologies to start the conversation.

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