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Bathroom Flooring Best Suited for Seniors

As we age, considering a bathroom remodel is an excellent way to reduce the risk of falling. No matter how good your health is, one bad fall can lead to head injuries or a broken bone, which can seriously compromise your health moving forward.

Flooring is Critical

If you're considering updating the bathroom of your home, you may be focused on adding grab bars or creating a roll-in shower. While all of these are essential features, you also need to consider what type of flooring you want to use in your bathroom remodel. Key factors include:

  • slip resistance

  • a cushioned base

  • an easy to clean surface

  • ease of travel

Bathroom Specific Materials

Of course, the flooring you use in the bathroom will need to be waterproof. However, this often means tile or natural stone, which can be slick when wet. It's a good idea to break down what flooring will work best where. In the shower, you need a waterproof floor with plenty of texture to reduce the risk of slipping. A manufactured shower base with a non-slip surface would be the best option. You might consider adding heat to this shower base for comfort. Around the toilet and the vanity, a cushioned vinyl flooring can make transferring from the shower to the rest of the bath much simpler. Both of these types of flooring are easy to clean and durable.


Area rugs are a tripping hazard and a common source of slipping. If you would prefer a bathroom rug on the floor outside your shower to avoid tracking water throughout the bathroom, invest in a flat rug with a rubberized back. Once you find a mat that feels secure, consider purchasing a couple of them as these rugs can fall apart in the laundry.

Assistive Devices

Be aware that even the best rugs can get in the way of walkers and canes. If you use a walker or cane and need it outside the shower, it may be best to avoid the rug altogether.


Staying safe as a senior means doing what you need to do to avoid hazards that can lead to slipping, tripping, and falling. Tools such as a non-slip shower base, cushioned vinyl bathroom flooring, grab bars, and toilet boosters can keep you safer daily.

Contact New Bath Technologies for a plan to make your bathroom a safer space to function.

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