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Bathroom Remodeling: Choosing The Best Lighting


Remodeling your bathroom will give you the chance to customize the space. For example, those of above or below average height can easily adjust the height of countertops and lavatories to suit their specific needs. Also, you can make lighting improvements, such as task lighting for make-up, to create a bath that works for you.

Getting Ready to Go Out, Morning or Evening

Adding task lighting above or around your bathroom mirror is a great way to simplify your morning routine. During this process, you might also run an extra outlet for hair tools or other cosmetic items. LED bulbs can be purchased that will mimic the standard lighting found in offices. By adding a dimmer, you can approximate the illumination found in restaurants and clubs.

Incorporate a Dimmer Over the Tub

One of the most delightful ways to wind down after a long day is a warm soak in the tub. To truly make your bathroom remodeling project yours, why not add a dimmable light over the bathtub? By being able to lower the lights, you can prepare for deep sleep during your bath.

Indirect Lighting

If your bathroom remodeling project includes new cabinets, consider adding indirect lighting along the baseboards or above a soffit construction. This form of light can offer you a nightlight if you need to use the facilities in the middle of the night and make it safe to get back to bed in semi-darkness.

More Than Just One Bulb

Traditional bathroom construction features just one bulb in the center of the ceiling. New Bath Technologies can help you create a bathroom design and lighting plan that will tailor this room to your needs. From a custom make-up mirror setup to just the right lighting over the shower, you can create a bathroom lighting design that will suit everyone in your house. Your bath can be a luxurious oasis, specifically tailored to your needs. What a great way to start the day!


Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent investment in your home. With the right people on your team, your bathroom remodel can provide you with ideal lighting for your needs now and easy access for the future. The professionals at New Bath can also offer you ideas on adding features to your bathroom that will make aging in place a possibility. Make your bathroom remodel an investment in your future as well as your home. Contact them today!

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