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Guest-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling

The functionality of any space in your home is something always to consider, but when it comes to guests, the bathroom is one of the most actively used spots. You want to make sure when these guest needs to utilize the restroom that you've provided the essentials for them—simple access, easy to find items and proper use of space make your bathroom guest-friendly.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Before starting any project, the plan is the most critical phase. Do not slack on this stage as it will influence the entire remodeling process. Analyze storage potential and how you will provide all of the essential items your guest will need when using your bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, it is better to go simple, a less is more approach will allow the room to feel more substantial. Larger bathrooms can include more cabinet and counter space without sacrificing the size of the area.

  • Open Storage/Shelving - Providing your guests with an open concept will allow for easy access to the necessities that they need.

  • Replace Old Fixtures - Sometimes old fixtures are either outdated or can become dirty, where restoration can be just as costly. Provide your guests with new faucets, toilets, lighting, etc.

  • Shower and Tub Replacement - When a guest stays at your house, you'll want to provide a clean area for them to freshen up. Replacing an old shower or tub can make all the difference in a bathroom remodel.

  • Improve Lighting - Quality lighting can make all the difference to the elegance of your bathroom. Not only does it provide essential light for your guest to see, but if used correctly, it can enhance the overall look of your bathroom's features.

Choosing a Trusted Bathroom Remodeler

Like any home contracting service, when choosing a bathroom remodeling company to work with, you want a team that is experienced and recommended. New Bath Technologies has been providing residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth quality bathroom remodeling services for many years. If you need recommendations from happy customers, there is no shortage for them to provide. Get your project started by giving their techs a call today!

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