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Practical Bathroom Designs for Families

A practical family bathroom must accommodate the needs of everyone in your household. This means it must be open, available, and well-equipped to handle the whole family, as well as additional guests, at any given time. Here are a few bathroom remodeling hints to make your washroom the all-around utility room that it needs to be:

1. Bathtubs are a must.

With smaller children, bathtubs are a definite time-saver. You can place multiple kids in the tub at once and quickly assist them with their hygienic needs.

2. The bigger it is, the better.

Just think of those busy weekday mornings before work and school when everyone is crowded into the bathroom. Each family member is trying to brush his or her teeth or hair, apply makeup, or shave. Does this sound familiar?

Well, of course, this means that you will need to create a big, but useful, space within your bathroom which can accommodate so many people. You can easily do this by purchasing an extra-large vanity unit, preferably with double sinks, and a huge plate glass mirror that envelopes the entire wall behind it. Be sure to find a unit that also has plenty of counter space for everyone.

3. Let there be plenty of light.

Not only should the bathroom have a gentle and soft light for bathing, showering, and using the facilities. It should also have more intense lighting above the vanity mirror. This is so everyone can see themselves clearly as they prepare for their day or an evening out. Spotlights work well in this sense, but any fixture will do as long as the light is direct and effective. In contrast, the overhead light should have a dimmer, so it can be adjusted as needed.

4. Storage is always key.

With so many people utilizing one small room, things can get out of hand quickly. To keep clutter at bay and a sense of organization, be sure to have storage spaces in your plans from the start.

Just think, if everyone has their soaps, shampoos, hair styling tools, and razors, your counter space can become easily overwhelmed and chaotic. While bathroom remodeling, add a cabinet or cupboard or two, along with some additional shelving, which can go a long way!

In conclusion, sharing the facilities with a group of people can be a challenge. Using these tips can increase how this small, but integral, space is used. New Bath Technologies works hard to ensure that each family bathroom we remodel will meet the needs of all household members. Give us a call today for more information.

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