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Building a Luxury Bathroom

There's little doubt that your bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your home. Not only should this space be functional to meet your needs, but it should also be beautiful!

When it comes to full bathrooms, the shower and tub area is typically the primary focal point. Launching a bathroom remodeling project is an excellent initiative for improving your bathroom space's accessibility, appearance, and functionality.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you need to do a complete overhaul on your existing bathroom, you're building a new bathroom, or you need to make accessibility upgrades, here are some of the luxury bathroom trends popular with Fort Worth homeowners today.

Accessibility Upgrades - As more older Americans choose to "age in place" and remain in their family homes, many bathroom remodeling projects focus on incorporating safety features. Popular upgrades include grab bars, slip-free flooring, adjusting the height of counters, sinks, toilets, and doorway modifications such as widening the entranceway or installing a sliding door.

Deep Soaking Walk-In Tubs - After a long day, there's nothing more relaxing than taking a nice hot bath. With a low clearance entrance, this bathtub style is ideal for people of all ages, including those with mobility issues. Jet features are perfect for soothing aching joints and muscles, and people who struggle with arthritis or other painful disorders will find a bath quite therapeutic.

Integrated Lighting - Statement bathrooms and powder rooms with luxury designs and integrated lighting effectively blend the light source with architecture in unique and magnificent ways. Types of integrated lighting options include recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, pendant lights, and flush-mounted indoor lighting fixtures.

Green Spaces - Houseplants help add life to the room and improve overall air quality. Many clients ask about adding plants to their luxury bathroom remodeling project. Popular requests include the wall of flora installations or standalone pieces that add a touch of nature, depth, and richness to space.

Mirrors - Mirrors play an essential role in every bath and powder room. These days, homeowners have no shortage of bathroom mirrors from which to choose. Framed wall mirrors add sophistication and style. Full-length mirrors are great for creating more space and light. Decorative mirrors in a variety of shapes and designs add funk and fun! Floor mirrors are freestanding. To add the perception of higher ceilings, angle them on the wall.

Fort Worth Bathroom Remodeling

New Bath Technologies offers these and other luxury bathroom remodeling services to clients throughout the Greater Fort Worth area. If you have a bathroom remodeling project in mind, please contact our professionals first. We're happy to answer your questions and provide a no-obligation estimate on making the necessary upgrades and improvements to your bathroom.

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